Profile: Mr. Vikram Sarin

VIG Graphics Profile: Mr. Vikram Sarin

Mr. Vikram Sarin, an engineer by qualification, embarked on his journey to drive automation in the Printing and Packaging industry from 1995. The vision of Mr. Sarin was a game changing era for VIG GRAPHICS, turning ideas into reality and striving to be the forerunner in bringing automation in Printing and Packaging industry. His untiring devotion to accomplish the targets, making automation affordable & sustainable, has set in motion a promising future in the world of packaging industry.

A similar vision drives him today by being the FIRST in manufacturing indigenously Flute Laminator Machine, AUTOMATIC DIECUTTERS & eventually all machinery. Since those early days of manufacturing, he has been singularly focused on helping customers accomplish their missions through technical know-how, skill development, innovation and fast track automation.  No matter what the challenge, his mission is to be perfect.

During his professional journey Mr. Sarin equipped himself with grass root practical knowledge, understanding difficulties of workers, knowledge to increase life/productivity of machines and ensure success of every manufacturing unit. He understood that grassroots knowledge is just as important as seed money for innovation.

Mr. Sarin worked alongside the community members to bring automation in the Printing and Packaging industry. His approach is bottom-up and accountability, and understanding that the process of development is just as important as the results in the Printing and Packaging industry. He focussed primarily upon capacity building, grassroots knowledge promoting inclusiveness and resilience.

He provided a space for the clients to address their local issues, found a common ground and balance competing interests. Instead of technically skilled foreign agencies bringing a service to the industry and then leaving, Mr. Sarin’s grassroot knowledge approach aims to build their own capacity to enable the clients to solve problems in the future.

Vig-Graphics (backed by immense practical experience) is making India proud by producing Next-Gen flute laminators and automatic die cutters.