3PLY VIG- 1050/1300/1450/1600 post thumbnail

3PLY VIG- 1050/1300/1450/1600

3PLY VIG-1300/1450/1600 Machine has servo motor technology for flute advance and hence very accurate in feeding. All machine made with[...]

5PLY VIG-1300/1450/1650/1800 post thumbnail

5PLY VIG-1300/1450/1650/1800

5PLY VIG-1300/1450/1650/1800 Servo motor technology for flute advance and hence extremely accurate in feeding Anilox Glue roller to control optimum[...]

3PLY VIG-1300/1450 (BELT TYPE) post thumbnail

3PLY VIG-1300/1450 (BELT TYPE)

3PLY VIG-1300/1450/1600 HIGH-SPEED The whole machine adopts international leading motion controller, so this system can adjust the machine automatically after[...]