3PLY VIG-1300/1450 (BELT TYPE)

VIG Graphics 3PLY VIG-1300/1450 (BELT TYPE)
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3PLY VIG-1300/1450/1600 HIGH-SPEED

  • The whole machine adopts international leading motion controller, so this system can adjust the machine automatically after the paper sizes are input.
  • Compared to the traditional model, our high-speed laminating machine can reach up the max speed 150m/minute to provide much higher work efficiency.
  • This high-speed laminating machine is equipped with the unique positioning-and-correcting device for the surface-sheet and self-developing side-lay device with the patent to make the machine run smoothly in high-speed.
  • Meanwhile, the turner for the delivery unit is optional to make the machine deliver sheets in non-stop.






Max Paper Size

1300 mm x 1100 mm

1450 mm x 1300 mm

1600 mm x 1300 mm

Min Paper Size

400 mm x 400 mm

400 mm x 400 mm

400 mm x 400 mm

Applicable Top Sheet

180-500 gsm

Laminating Layers

Face Paper + Corrugated (2ply) = 3 ply

Applicable Bottom Paper

A,B,C,E,F Flute

Face & Bottom Paper Size

Width & Length of Face Paper 4mm larger than Bottom Paper

Production Speed

**(varies with sheet size)

10000 sheets/hour

150 m/min


± 1.5 mm

Power (Starting Load/Running Load)

22 kW / 17 kW

Overall Dimensions

12 m x 2 m x 2.4 m

15 m x 2.25 m x 2.4 m

15 m x 2.50 m x 2.4 m

Weight (Approx)

7.5 T

7.8 T

8 T