You can run 100gsm paper if the roll size is up to 24″.
You can run 140-180gsm paper if the roll size is up to 36″.
You can run 180gsm+ paper up to the full size.

It is approx 30–40%, depending on the flute type.

From 7 to 15 minutes, depending on the operator.

Yes, change over time is only about 7–15 minutes.

1. It depends on the roll size and gsm of paper.
2. If roll size is 18” then speed is 7500 sheets/hour.
3. If the roll size is 22″, then the speed is 6500 sheets per hour.
4. If the roll size is 36″, then the speed is 4500 sheets per hour.
5. If the roll size is 44″, then the speed is 3500 sheets per hour.

It should be only 1 sheet or less if 2ply sheet is of good quality and the operator is trained.

1. Standardization of glue making (30% importance)
2. 2ply production temperature (30% importance)
3. 2ply cutting and handling (30% importance)
4. Operator and other points (30% importance)

If you are servicing your machine properly in time, machine is good for more than 20 years.
Machines are fitted with double bearings and bushes.

1. Depending on the production runs, you may have to re-rubberise the rubber rollers and anilox the steel glue rollers after 15 million plus impressions, depending on the daily cleaning of rubber rolls, etc.
2. The vacuum pump (becker) will require a carbon blade change depending on the machine run and filter cleaning.
3. Front lay stoppers and springs need to be changed every 4–6 months, depending on usage.
4. Feeder running belts need changing almost every 3 years, assuming 8 hours of work every day.
5. 2ply suction belts need to be changed every 1-2 years, assuming 8 hours of work every day.

Conclusion: It will have an average cost of 20000- 25000- every year as per the running of the machine.

You can run starch base and fevicol easily.

Viscosity: 40–45 sec; solid content: 25–35% as per the gum-making method

If gum application is standardized, then moisture gain is 3-4% in 3ply and 6-8% in 5ply, depending on the outer temperature.

You need 3–4 workers, depending on the running speed and size of the sheet.

No such frequent issues are observed if the machine service is done regularly on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Most of the issues are minor and resolved through video or phone calls.

Yes, but the top sheet gsm should be 180gsm plus for the full-size jobs.

We can give training to your staff and prepare them within 10 days, or we can help you get new staff.

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