This stable, precise foil transfer machinery conserves foil. Two servo motor-driven longitudinal foil advancing shafts can make small or lengthy foil steps. The lower platen moves smoothly with a precision worm gear crank toggle driving arrangement. It has five foil stamping programs—three longitudinal and two cross.


  • Stability and fine foil transfer capability. Equipped with foil saving features
  • Two servo motor (3.5KW) driven longitudinal foil advancing shafts each individually programmable for short and long foil stepping
  • Precision worm gear crank toggle driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement
  • Five Foil Staming programs (Three Longitudinal Foiling and Two Cross Foil Stamping)

Technical Specifications

Max Sheet Size1060 mm x 770 mm1320 mm x 960 mm
Min Sheet Size420 mm x 360 mm420 mm x 360 mm
Max Die-Cutting Size1070 mm x 760 mm1310 mm x 940 mm
Max Stamping Size1050 mm x 750 mm1280 mm x 940 mm
Gripper Margin≥ 6 mm≥ 6 mm
Inner Chase Size1060 mm x 780 mm1320 mm x 970 mm
Stock Range80-2000 g/m280-2000 g/m2
Die Cutting Accuracy≤ ± 0.1 mm≤ ± 0.1 mm
Max Die-Cutting Force320 N/m2320 N/m2
Max Die-Cutting Speed6000 sheets/h5000 sheets/h
Max Feeder Pile Height1500 mm1600 mm
Max Delivery Pile Height1450 mm1500 mm
Temperature RangeMulti-temperature zone 40˚C – 180˚C (adjustable)
Air Requirement0.6-0.7 Mpa ; 0.6m3/min
Dimensions of Foil20-1030 mm20-1260 mm
Net Weight (Approx)19 T22 T
Main Motor Wattage13 KW15 KW
Full Load Wattage48 KW54 KW
Dimensions7800 mm x 4100 mm x 2500 mm8500 mm x 4400 mm x 2600 mm