MY 1300/1500/1650- SEMI AUTOMATIC

Discover the efficiency and reliability of VIG Graphics’ MY 1300-1500-1650 Semi-Automatic machines. Engineered for precision and productivity, these cutting-edge industrial solutions ensure seamless operations.


  • Semi-automatic Die-cutting and creasing machine is ideal for cutting offset print box, combining the advantages of domestic and foreign products.
  • High Strength gripper and advanced gripper opening structure which can adopt to a variety of single paper, corrugated board.
  • Front, back and side gauge assure the cutting accuracy.
  • Working speed, paper count, total running time and input and output monitor make it easy to minimize the breakdowns.
  • Equipped with all protection sensors to ensure machine and man safety.

Technical Specifications

Max Paper Size1320 x 940 mm1510 x 1120 mm1670 x 1200 mm
Min Paper Size450 x 450 mm450 x 500 mm500 x 550 mm
Max Die Cutting Size1300 x 920 mm1490 x 1100 mm1650 x 1180 mm
Max Die-Cutting Pressure350 N/cm2380 N/cm2400 N/cm2
Applicable Corrugated PaperMax thickness = 10 mmMax thickness = 10 mmMax thickness = 10 mm
Max Die Cutting Speed4500 sheets/h4200 sheets/h4000 sheets/h
Total Power13.5 KW13.5 KW20 KW
Weight14.5 T18 T21 T
Dimensions4200 x 2200 x 2250 mm4500 x 2300 x 2250 mm5000 x 2450 x 2450 mm

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