Enhance your production capabilities with VIG Graphics’ MY 1300-1500-1650 Lead Edge Feeder with Stripping. Elevate precision and efficiency in your manufacturing process with this advanced industrial solution.


  • Newly designed lead edge feeder with precise feeding system provides more accurate and positive feeding than ever
  • Die Cutting Part: Safety window & Pneumatic die-chase locking system. Air Floating device makes the Die-Cutting Plate go in & out easily for minimum wear out.
  • Electrical Part: All electrical parts are sourced from internationally recognized brands like Fuji Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Delta.
  • Pneumatic Clutch: Long life, low noise, brake quickly with strong driving force. Installed according to European Export Standards
  • Main Chain Drive: The main Reynold chain is imported from Britain that has minimum error of length, high tensile & anti-wear.
  • Machine is equipped with different sensors to ensure machine and man safety.
  • High-strength gripper and advanced gripper opening system which can adopt to a variety of corrugated board.
    Edge-gripper paper waste system realizes the four edges waste stripping.

Technical Specifications

Max Paper Size1320 x 940 mm1510 x 1120 mm1670 x 1200 mm
Min Paper Size450 x 450 mm450 x 500 mm500 x 550 mm
Max Die Cutting Size1300 x 920 mm1490 x 1100 mm1650 x 1180 mm
Max Die-Cutting Pressure350 N/cm2380 N/cm2400 N/cm2
Applicable Corrugated Paper3-10 mm3-10 mm3-10 mm
Max Die Cutting Speed5000 sheets/h4800 sheets/h4500 sheets/h
Total Power28.5 KW28.5 KW35 KW
Weight18.5 T21.5 T26 T
Dimensions7080 x 2365 x 2346 mm7400 x 2380 x 2356 mm8500 x 2980 x 2450 mm

Our cutting-edge lead edge feeder, equipped with stripping capabilities, ensures seamless and precise operations, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Explore the features that make VIG Graphics a leader in innovative technology. Trust us to redefine your production experience. Discover the future of industrial excellence”