Flute Laminator Machine

First Made In India, Made For The World, 3/5 Ply Flute Laminator Machine

Fully automatic high-speed flute laminator machine renowned for their user-friendliness, reliability, and exceptional engineering with high quality.
While designing the machines we have considered all practical requirements of Indian Corrugation Industry and more so, built the machine to the finer
requirements of the operators to ensure smooth production and ease of operation.

Flute Laminator Machine​ - 5PLY VIG


VIG 1300/1450/1650/1800


VIG 1300/1450 

Our Flute Laminator Machines are distinguished for –

  • High Quality Machine
  • Roller Quality
  • Epoxy-Painting
  • Ease in Operation, Maintenance incl. Cleaning
  • Separate Drive for Glue Rollers to Eliminate Risk
  • Introducing 2 separate systems for main drive operation
  • Launched New Feeding Technology

Key Features

Combo Rollers

Combo Rollers

World first set of combo rollers built for a longer life and enhanced productivity.

Non Stop Gum Rollers

Non Stop Gum Rollers

Independent versatile control of gum rollers for optimum gum application and zero wastage.

Easy Access HMI Control

Remote-Access Enabled touch screen for remote and easy troubleshooting, with multiple information and language-selection options.

Operator Friendly

Operator Friendly

Operator-friendly vast open space for easy operation and maintenance.

11 Suckers Feeders

11 Suckers Feeders

11 suckers feeders for seamless paper feeding, paper width adjustment and successful warpage of sheets.

New Gen Control Panel

New Generation Control Panel for Phone alert modem, voltage/ampere display and made from world class servo AC drives, MCB etc.

retractable feeder

Retractable Feeder

Retractable feeders, facilitated by a timing belt mechanism, significantly reduce maintenance time while providing more open space for streamlined production processes.

Anilox Rollers

Anilox Rollers

Anilox Rollers ensures that the glue is applied evenly and precisely and have a special carving called a “cross design” that makes it easy for workers to control how exactly the gum is spread across the sheet.

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At VIG Graphics, we are committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge packaging solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Investing in this advanced laminator means investing in the future of your production capabilities, ensuring higher productivity, better quality, and greater profitability. Experience the difference with VIG Graphics – where innovation meets excellence.

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