LEAD EDGE FEEDER – MY 1300/1500/1650

Unlock peak performance with VIG Graphics’ Lead Edge Feeder Machine MY 1300-1500-1650. Elevate your production efficiency and accuracy with our cutting-edge industrial solution.

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At VIG Graphics, we are committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge packaging solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Investing in this advanced laminator means investing in the future of your production capabilities, ensuring higher productivity, better quality, and greater profitability. Experience the difference with VIG Graphics – where innovation meets excellence.

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Specifications of Lead Edge Feeder Machine

  • Newly designed Lead Edge Feeder Machine with precise feeding system provides more accurate and positive feeding than ever
  • Die Cutting Part: Safety window & Pneumatic die-chase locking system. Air Floating device makes the Die-Cutting Plate go in & out easily for minimum wear out.
  • Electrical Part: All electrical parts are sourced from internationally recognized brands like Fuji Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Delta.
  • Pneumatic Clutch: Long life, low noise, brake quickly with strong driving force. Installed according to European Export Standards
  • Main Chain Drive: The main Reynold chain is imported from Britain that has minimum error of length, high tensile & anti-wear.
  • The Lead Edge Feeder Machine is equipped with different sensors to ensure machine and man safety.
  • High-strength gripper and advanced gripper opening system which can adopt to a variety of corrugated board.
  • Advance push and pull lay for registration can assure the die-cutting precision.
  • Combination of PLC and HMI makes the Lead Edge Feeder Machine consumer friendly.
  • Electrical panels are cooled by an air convection device to protect the electrical components and run steadily at a controlled temperature.

Technical Specifications

Max Paper Size1320 x 940 mm1510 x 1120 mm1670 x 1200 mm
Min Paper Size450 x 450 mm450 x 500 mm500 x 550 mm
Max Die Cutting Size1300 x 920 mm1490 x 1100 mm1650 x 1180 mm
Max Die-Cutting Pressure350 N/cm2380 N/cm2400 N/cm2
Applicable Corrugated Paper3-10 mm3-10 mm3-10 mm
Max Die Cutting Speed5000 sheets/h4800 sheets/h4500 sheets/h
Total Power(Stripping)24.5 KW28.5 KW24.5 KW28.5 KW32 KW35 KW
Weight(Stripping)16.5 T18.5 T19.5 T21.5 T23 T26 T
Dimensions(Stripping)5900 x 2365 x 2346 mm7080 x 2365 x 2346 mm6200 x 2380 x 2356 mm7400 x 2380 x 2356 mm7000 x 2980 x 2450 mm8500 x 2980 x 2450 mm

Engineered for seamless integration, this advanced lead edge feeder ensures precision and reliability in every operation. Explore the features that set our machinery apart and discover how VIG Graphics is revolutionizing the industrial landscape. Trust us for innovation, trust us for success. Visit now to explore the future of lead edge feeding technology!