Flute Laminator Machine

Under the Make in India campaign, VIG Graphics has become the first company to manufacture 3 Ply/5 Ply Flute Laminator Machine domestically. Established in 1995, VIG Graphics is known for providing high-quality machines with advanced technology and exceptional customer service. They offer customized automation solutions tailored to meet specific client needs, from identifying consumer requirements to supplying machinery and providing after-sales service.

Recently, VIG Graphics installed their Fully Automatic High-Speed Flute Laminator Machine at MaxPack India, Ludhiana, under the direction of Mr. Rishabh Jain. MaxPack India specializes in producing high-quality cartons and corrugated boxes and is expanding its export business. Seeking to improve production capacity and delivery time, Mr. Jain chose VIG Graphics for their automation solutions.

The installation of the Flute Laminator Machine by VIG Graphics has brought significant benefits to MaxPack India, including:

  • Premium Quality: The machines ensure high-quality laminating with user-friendly features.
  • Seamless Paper Feeding: Eleven sucker feeders provide uninterrupted paper feeding, boosting productivity.
  • Precise Gum Control: Non-stop gum rollers ensure precise gum application, reducing waste and ensuring consistency.
  • Accessible HMI Control: Easy-to-use HMI controls are available in both English and regional languages.
  • Cost-Competitive Solutions: The machines offer affordable alternatives to imported models without compromising quality.
  • Comprehensive Services: Local installation, training, and after-sales support ensure smooth operation and maximum uptime.

Mr. Vikram Sarin, the Director of VIG Graphics, has been instrumental in driving automation in the print and packaging industries. His commitment to making automation affordable and sustainable has been key to VIG Graphics’ success. The company’s indigenously manufactured 3 Ply/5 Ply Flute Laminator Machine reflects this vision: “MADE IN INDIA – MADE FOR THE WORLD.”

The packaging industry is highly competitive, and staying ahead requires continuous innovation and superior production capabilities. MaxPack India faced challenges such as increasing production demands, maintaining high-quality standards, and optimizing operational efficiency. Their existing machinery struggled to meet these demands, causing production delays and quality issues. Recognizing the need for an upgrade, MaxPack India partnered with VIG Graphics, known for their cutting-edge technology and industry expertise.

VIG Graphics provided MaxPack India with state-of-the-art automatic machinery specifically designed for the corrugation and packaging industries. The installation process was carefully planned and executed by VIG Graphics’ expert team, ensuring minimal disruption to MaxPack India’s operations. The new machinery has transformed their production capabilities, improving both the quality and capacity of their output.

VIG Graphics has over 150 machines operational across various packaging plants and provides complete spare parts and servicing for all installations. With a strong presence in the US and coverage across Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and East Europe, VIG Graphics is a global leader in packaging machinery.

The collaboration between MaxPack India and VIG Graphics exemplifies how strategic investments in technology can drive significant business improvements. Upgrading their machinery has enabled MaxPack India to overcome production challenges and explore new growth opportunities. VIG Graphics is proud to have played a crucial role in this transformation and looks forward to supporting MaxPack India in their continued pursuit of excellence.

To learn more about our product range, visit the Products Page and for more insights on user-friendly packaging machinery, check out VIG Graphics YouTube channel.

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