VIG Graphics, The Flute Laminator Company, established itself in 1995 and has a reputation for providing quality machines with state-of-the-art technology, and is popularly known as ‘your trusted partners for next-gen automation solutions.’ The company’s main emphasis has always been that automation should come with reliability and defined customer service guidelines. VIG Graphics has the expertise to understand this business and offer a customized solution for all. On this platform, a customer would find all their client requirements, from identifying consumer needs to assessing the best product requirement, supplying machinery, and after-sales service and maintenance.

Under the Make in India campaign, VIG Graphics proudly claims to be the first to manufacture the 3 Ply/5 Ply Flute Laminator indigenously. VIG Graphics also has a wealthy lineage, serving over 200+ clients in the fields of Pre-Press, Post-Press, Printing, and SPMs across India. It also provides servicing, spare parts, and technical consultation for all machines in the printing and packaging plants.

The engineers, trained on the finest machines in Germany, China, and Taiwan, possess the expertise to offer practical solutions for all operational and electrical issues in India. The company has the acumen to identify the most technically correct and economically viable products for the printing and packaging industries, as well as modify the equipment to make it more operator-friendly and therefore India-friendly.

Mr. Vikram Sarin (Director) actively guides and directs the VIG Graphics company’s operations. He has worked hard to be the leader in driving Print & Packaging Automation. His unwavering dedication to achieving the targets and making automation affordable and sustainable has set in motion a promising future in the packaging industry. A similar vision drives him today, as he was the first to manufacture the indigenous 3-ply/5-ply Flute Laminator Machine: MADE IN INDIA – MADE FOR THE WORLD

retractable feeder

VIG Graphics is proud to introduce Fully Automatic High-Speed Flute Laminator Machines, renowned for their user-friendliness, reliability, and exceptional engineering with high quality. While designing the machines, the engineers considered all practical requirements of the Indian corrugation industry and, more importantly, built the machines to the operator’s finer requirements to ensure smooth production and ease of operation.

Our Flute Laminators are distinguished for being High-Quality Machine, the 25 years of engineering knowledge have been used to design high-quality stainless steel structures, ensuring a longer life, a strong body, and easy maintenance. The Roller Quality has improved drive roller accuracy within 20–30 microns using double bearings on each end through a flange, enhancing roller life.

Epoxy Paint is also provided, as the roller face surface and roll ends have been chrome-plated to give a smooth and fine finish. A second layer of epoxy paint and a third layer of a specialized shrink sleeve further safeguard the roll ends, extending their lifespan. The Flute Laminators are Easy To Operate, and maintenance includes cleaning. To address the maintenance and operational difficulties due to excess glue, the R&D team is the first in the world.

VIG Graphics has introduced retractable 2-Ply Suction Feeders. These feeders can be moved backward or forward to create four feet of additional space. When moved backward, it provides enough space to make easy access to machine parts, eventually making it user-friendly for operations and maintenance. It also has a separate drive for glue rollers to eliminate risk. Each model features a separate drive for two glue rollers, enabling the operator to regulate the glue flow during transitions or idle periods. It controls waste and creates safety during downtime, whereas machines manufactured by other players or parties keep running all the rollers to achieve this feature, making it extremely risky.

The newly launched Feeding Technology has the feature of a magnetic cylinder on a 2-ply suction feeder to help with easy feeding of the 2-ply sheets and slightly warped 2-ply sheets. The Flute Laminators are also introducing two separate systems for main drive operation: a) Chain and Sprocket Drive, which automatically lubricates the machine b) Timing belt and pulley drive with high-quality pulleys and belts (maintenance-free)

VIG Graphics has 150+ machines operational across the packaging plants (small, mid, and large size) and provides complete spare parts and servicing for all the installations, with a solid presence in the US through the company’s own subsidiary/liaison office, from where it covers all countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and East Europe. The company’s skills lie in having the expertise to provide end-to-end plant and machinery with tight control over quality and product.

To learn more about our product range, visit the Products Page and for more insights on user-friendly packaging machinery, check out VIG Graphics YouTube channel.

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